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Schoolism with Stephen Silver: Assignment 5

Assignment 5 was to take the character and do a clean up (no colour).

Here are my preliminary sketches:


Rough, sketch and clean:


Stephen’s comments: Good job! Overall pretty good consistency in lines, some are getting a bit to thick though. Remember how gravity affects the pants and the hat, maybe pull them down a bit more; for example, round off the lines on the bottom of the hat and make the fold-ups on the pants feel more rested on top of the shoes. The face needs a bit clearning up as it’s getting a bit tangenty. Some lines are almost too close to each other. Mind the hands, the thumb could be a bit bigger for example.


Schoolism with Stephen Silver: Assignment 4

Assignment 4 was pretty straight-forward: fill up a page (preferably several) with hands, eyes, noses, ears and mouths; realistically as well as cartoony. Make it clear and “design” ever shape. Here are some of what I drew, I’m pretty happy with everything except the hands which are pretty awful. But I new from the get-go that that’s what I need the most practice on.

face hands

Stephen’s comments: Some good hands, but don’t just trace! (I submitted a few pages of tracings of both real hand and Disney hands where I was trying to break down the shapes, but a lot of them were just tracings). Try to understand how, for example, Glen Keane constructed his hands from start to finish and break it down. Keep the rhythm in the knuckles and fingers. Mind the volumes, don’t vary the width of the fingers too much. Keep practicing. As for the facial features: very nice, clean and confident! But don’t be afraid to finish of the lines on the eyes.

Schoolism with Stephen Silver: Assignment 3

Here’s some of the stuff I submitted for my third assignment in the Schoolism course:

Caricatures of Bertrand Russell, Steven Pinker, A.C. Grayling, Robert Nozick, Friedrich Nietzsche, Nigel Warburton, Daniel Dennett, Stephen Silver and Karl Marx.


Some random faces and shapes, the bottom three are all based on Stephen Silver’s face.


This was one of the main assignments, draw the man “realistically” first (well, try at least) and then use the information you learned from that and make three extreme faces with what we’ve learned so far.


Continuation on the Jekylls and Hydes, I wasn’t particularly pleased with my Hydes.


Drawing the skull.

Stephen’s comments (paraphrased by me): Good effort! Nice and clean, nice and clear! But I still need to work on my basic construction more, i.e. how does things wrap around the form (like on the bowler hat on the man) and how does the perspective really work? Watch the anatomy in the face, even if the shapes are getting really extreme and cartoony they still need to make sense. Watch out for floating lines that don’t really make sense.


Character designs and random stuff

Here’s some random stuff. The comic page isn’t actually a “real” page. Coming home from work yesterday I decided to challange myself to make a comic page from start to finish before I went to bed. It took perhaps 3–4 hours, which for me is really fast. Though it’s really rough it was a nice practice to get a page layout out quickly.






Schoolism with Stephen Silver: Assignment 2

Assignment two in the schoolism course was about drawing silhouettes, the focus on the assignment was on clarity in design and on varying and pushing the shapes as much as possible.

We all got to create our own version of the Jekyll & Hyde story and write our own brief to go along with it, as well as make mood boards. I decided to set my story in the present, and make it about a geeky teenage girl studying biology and chemistry, who creates a potion using the poison of a black widow to gain some confidence and looks. But (of course) it goes slightly awry.

Here are my basic silhouettes:

Jekyll and Hyde silhouettes

And here are some profile silhouettes I also practiced drawing:


Stephen was pretty positive over all once again, he seem to particularly like the variety in shapes of my profiles. He picked out some of the silhouettes he found the strongest of my Jekylls and Hydes, as well as commenting on some of the ones that didn’t work as well. Of the ones he liked I’m gonna pick one Jekyll and one Hyde to flesh out a bit more for the next assignment.

Schoolism with Stephen Silver: Assignment 1

I’m currently enrolled in Stephen Silver’s character design course over at Schoolism, and I thought I’d try to make one post for all of the nine weeks (and, presumably, nine assignments).

The first assignment was pretty basic, basically just an excuse for us to draw a character from a brief so Stephen could determine our current “level”. The character was called Walter Chipwitther, and we got a tiny brief describing him. Below are the sketches/drawings I made of him.

Stephen’s comments were pretty positive over all, though he still felt I had more work to do in understanding form. He liked how funny and varied my shapes were though! (And he agreed what I told him in my initial introduction: I need to work on drawing hands.)

walter chipwitther